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Student Bios

Loren Marks

Loren Marks (BFA4) is an LA-based creative producer who is soon to graduate from CalArts. He has studied both production management and creative producing during his time at CalArts. He enjoys the outdoors and wishes to incorporate his passion for the outdoors with his professional aspirations. In his free time, he loves to rock climb, eat pizza with friends, and travel.

Jake Jolley

Jake Jolley (BFA4) is a California based multitool artist and technician working primarily as a lighting designer, master electrician, and project manager. They are experienced in a multitude of settings including live events, theatrical, and exposition. They aim to always create and work in a creative and professional environment that brings joy to both the creator and the audience.

Helen Jiahui Guo

Helen Jiahui Guo (MFA2) is a Production Management student in CalArts MFA Experience Design and Production Program. She believes that a manager who knows technology well has a better sense of how to communicate with artists. Helen has a CG artist background and worked on Dreamworks and Netflix films. Her work has been recognized at the 2018 Golden Kuker Sofia International Animation Film Festival, Cannes Short Film Corner, Video Library, and Cine Miami Fest.

BK Dawson

BK Dawson (MFA3) is an award-winning actor from the MFA Acting cohort of 2021. Recently, BK has starred in August Wilson’s Two Trains Running as Memphis, Oedipus as Teiresias, and has played iconic roles such as The Scarecrow (The Wiz), Puck (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors), Lear (King Lear), and childhood favorites such as Charlie Brown (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown). ​In 2016, BK Dawson brought George Orwell’s Winston Smith to life in the first-ever performance of Michael Gene Sullivan’s adaptation of 1984, with “absolute charm and vulnerability.”  Always working and innovating, BK writes, directs, and DJs video game music on his hit radio show ARCADIO.

Lilly Wylde

Lilly Wylde (BFA3) is a multidisciplinary artist in LA. She’s excited to make her acting and singing debut in Calarts School of Theater. Her artistic interests include dancing, singing, acting, film, directing, visual art, etc.

Jeremy Spektor

Jeremy Spektor (MFA1) is a first year MFA Acting student at the California Institute of the Arts School of Theater in Valencia, CA. Prior to that, he received his BA in Drama from the University of Washington School of Drama in Seattle, WA. He has also studied at the Groundlings School of Comedy in Los Angeles, Upright Citizens Brigade, Lesly Kahn & Co, and with Guy Camilleri at RAW Acting Studio.

Heather Friedman

Heather Friedman (MFA1) is thrilled to be making her directorial debut during her first year at CalArts. Prior to attending CalArts, Heather had directed and performed at California State University Northridge, where she received her BA in Theatre. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Sebastian, and the entire MFA1 School of Theater class.

Gary Cook

Gary Cook (MFA1) is a New York based performer in their first year of the MFA Acting program. They have performed new works around NYC on stages such as The Hudson Guild Theater and The PIT. Special thanks to mom, dad, brothers, and friends.

Owen Reese

Owen Reese (BFA3) is in the Technical Direction program. He spent some time in Scenic Design, where he worked on a number of student films for CalArts, USC, AFI, and NYFA. About half a semester after switching to technical direction, COVID put everything on hold. Since then, he’s kept busy with a great deal of drafting and at-home fabrication, mostly for the purposes of Museum Obscurum.

James Cox

James Cox (MFA2) is an LA-based concept designer for theme parks and immersive entertainment. He has worked with such clients as Sea World, the Philadelphia Zoo, and the Milwaukee Bucks. He has also designed sets for Georgetown College, including 12 Angry Women, I and You, These Shining Lives, and Men on Boats. During his first year at CalArts, James was chosen to participate in the Walt Disney Imagineering CalArts initiative, where he worked within a small team to develop a project from Blue Sky development phase to then pitching the final presentation to Disney executives. He was also the scenic artist on CalArts School of Theater productions of Medea and Salome.

Danny Baxter

Danny Baxter (MFA1) is a spatial storyteller and designer from the West. He operates at the vertex of multiple spatial and visual artistic disciplines, bound together by the threads of storytelling. Museum Obscurum is a narrative experiment in an interactive diorama.

Naomi Miyahara

Naomi Miyahara (MFA2) is a student in the Technical Direction program. She joined the theater world in 2013 and is currently working towards becoming an educator in theater. With a love for collaboration, she finds the new skills that come with each production to be extremely rewarding. During the production process of Kalakaar Bazaar, Miyahara collaborated with the design team on the physical aspects of the project and produced a scale model of a 10 person dining pod.

Tanvi Desai

Tanvi Desai (BFA4) is a student in the Experience Design and Production program at California Institute of the Arts.

Nikki Ochoa (MFA1) is an ancient baby who grew up amongst the kudzu forests of Georgia. She is an UCLA alumni and current CalArts MFA Creative Writing student. Her favorite way to learn is by meeting new friends and being outside. She is easily distracted, always in love, and knows God is technicolor. 

Marney Miller

Marney Miller (MFA2) is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary concept artist and designer from New York who works in immersive experiences, video games, and film. She received her BFA from New York University, where she focused on Film, Art History, and Studio Art before she moved to California where she is receiving her MFA in Applied Arts from California Institute of the Arts. Her work is defined by the use of color theory and cultural research to create pieces that feel tangible, true to their nature, and are spectacular for viewers. During Kalakaar Bazaar Marney served as a project co-lead, focusing on design, direction, and narrative experience. To see more of her work, check out

Kanthi Ananthagopal

Kanthi Ananthagopal (MFA 2) is a Los Angeles based architect and designer from India who specializes in production design and art direction for immersive experiences, film, and video games. Her passion for all things entertainment combined with her skills in visual communication has instilled in her the ability to visualize human experience and design spaces based on the concept of user interactivity balanced with practicality of how the space would function. During the production process of Kalakaar Bazaar, Kanthi collaborated with the five member team to design the narrative and experiential cohesiveness of the project. She was responsible for the 3D visualization and digital rendering of the environment for a walkthrough narrative. Her contributions reflect her interests in conceptual designs and creative directing for themed entertainment, virtual reality, and game design. If you are interested in learning more about her work, check out

Chusu Kim (MFA2) is a designer based in Korea and LA. She uses her background in visual communication design to generate narratives that interact with space in new and interesting ways. She creates narratives in space by making hand-made installations, videos, and flat graphics. She has worked with the National Museum of Korea, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Museum of Korean Contemporary History, and Museum of Silhak as a graphic designer, exhibition, and installation artist. She took part in Seoul Illustration Fair vol.7 and Very Goods 2019 where she showcased her graphic design and installation.

Josh Sobel (MFA2) is a director, content developer, producer, and educator specializing in putting stories of human adversity through a contemporary pop lens, nurturing work that speaks directly to the heart of present and future audiences. His work has garnered award wins and nominations, recognition from the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and Time Out, and he was named one of Newcity Stage’s “Players 2019: The Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago.” Additional current work: Untitled Film Project by Monty Cole (dramaturg, CNP); the short films Whole and Six Feet Apart (executive producer, FutureHome Productions). Recipient, SDCF Observership. BA, Oberlin College. Janet Bookspan.

Amy Chiao (MFA2) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, working in performance, video, installation, and sculpture. Based in Los Angeles, Chiao comes from a family of Cantonese musicians and composers, opera singers, and mannequin manufacturers. She has worked as a production designer for past theater productions with Coho Productions, Tenor By Night Productions, and the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. She is extremely grateful to be a part of this production, Obsession, collaborating with such a talented team of creatives in the uncharted territories of Zoom theater. She holds a BFA in Textiles from Rhode Island School of Design 2014, and is currently an MFA student at CalArts for Scene Design.

Atlas Alma
Atlas Alma (BFA 1) is a BFA 1 Actor at CalArts.
Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson (BFA2) is an artist who specializes in Stage Management and Stage Acting. He has worked with The Mosaic Lizard Theater, The Sherry Theater, The Jewish Federation Players, and Imaginary Theatricals. He spent time with Universal Studios where he was a scare actor for their Ghostbusters Maze. He was seen performing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival for their production Octopi Wall Street. He stage managed a show called The King of the Globe: Memoirs on a Skewer. He is pursing his BFA in Acting. Special thanks to my mom and dad, and all the CalArts faculty whom I have had the opportunity to learn from.

Connor Fitzmaurice

Connor Fitzmaurice (BFA1) is Texas-based performer and is excited to be a collaborator in his first production at the CalArts School of Theater. He is pursuing his BFA in Acting. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, and his siblings.

Moon Wang

Moon Wang (Yuezhu Wang 王月竺) is a Chinese filmmaker, animator, and illustrator. Her artworks mainly focus on nowadays social issues, cultures, and how she views herself and her surroundings under the impact of the one-child policy, as well as the fast and uneven economic development in urban and rural areas in China. She is now exploring documentary films as well as documentary animations. Her first experimental animation short, Video Letter, was completed at CalArts and has already been shown in several festivals.

Evanie Yawen Sun

Evanie Yawen Sun (MFA1) is a multidisciplinary artist who is currently interested in and focusing on entertainment and art management. Growing up in China and studying in the U.S., she feels blessed to have a diverse cultural and educational background. While staying real and true, she respects the value of every creative production. Working flexibly, seriously, creatively, and efficiently, she has successfully stage-managed and coordinated several live productions. Showing the unique wisdom of artists and their creative productions is her eternal goal. She worked as the producer/production manager for Ashes to Ashes and Data to Dust last semester. The Romeo and Juliet Experience is her first stage management project in the CalArts School of Theater.

Dave Stork

Dave Stork (BFA3) is a producer, composer, conceptual artist, and audio engineer.

Jeannette Srinivasan

Jeannette Srinivasan (BFA 2) is excited to make their debut at the CalArts School of Theater. She has been fortunate to have worked in many community projects with Performing Arts San Antonio, and countless one-woman shows in her Mom’s bathroom. As an aspiring actor/singer/dancer(?), they currently expand their studies at CalArts as an Acting student with a double minor in Creative Writing and Digital Arts. Special thanks to Cinema Orthodontics for being her biggest fans at every appointment. (Also special thanks to her family and friends; you know who you are).

Tracey Scott

Tracey Scott (BFA 2) is a LA based musician who makes music under the alias ‘tracey brakes’. She has production credits on Andrea Turk’s Blue Honey, and has done vocal features for other musicians, such as Aron Enoch, and for upcoming projects such as for rapper ilysm and for the first marble club! EP. She has collaborated on music production with Peter Kuli, Jackson Kaplan, Phixel, and thirtyonetwentyfive. She has played URL festivals such as Bio’s Heartday Festival”, Avenue Minishow, and Rockangelz Minecraft Festival. CalArts productions include two thurs.night DJ events. BFA in Music Technology.

Lily Rutman

Lily Rutman (BFA2) is an LA based actor. She has been seen in Twelfth Night (LAMDA, London), Three Sisters (Royal Central, London), The Heidi Chronicles (Hopewell Theater, NJ), and Noises Off (Hopewell Theater, NJ). This is her first CalArts School of Theater production. Special thanks to her mom, dad, and dogs.

Ronaldo Medina

Ronaldo Medina (BFA2) is an LA based actor who has performed in productions like Chicago and Sense and Sensibility along with theater festivals and competitions while attending Golden Valley High School. A very young and promising actor who will someday be one of the best to ever do it. Thank you mom and family.

Willington Liu

Willington Liu (BFA 2) is an international actor. He has acted in the film Fengshen Trilogy(封神三部曲)and worked alongside producers and stunt teams from The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel. He has trained for two years extensively, ranging from equestrian, war drumming, mannerisms, martial arts, weapons training, acting, and wire flying classes. He is now signed with Beijing Culture film company and plans on bringing more Asian representation into the American film industry. Special thanks to Daniel.

Shuo Li

Shuo Li (MFA1) is a creative animator at California Institute of the Arts. She has made films: Rain, Addiction and Hands. MFA in Experimental Animation, CalArts. Special thanks to Daniel.

Hugh Hedley Lewis

Hugh Hedley Lewis (BFA 2) is thrilled to make his debut at the CalArts School of Theater. Hugh is a British actor currently based in LA. His previous theater works include shows at Harrogate Theatre, Carriageworks Theatre Leeds, and Darlington Barn Theatre. His feature film debut Cardboard Fort is set to realise this summer.

Clay Hollander

Clay Hollander (BFA2) is an LA based musician and actor, making his CalArts debut. He has worked with the Road Theater, and American Film institute. Select television credits: Ray Donovan, The Affair. He is good at throwing the football extremely far, and enjoys going to the beach. Clay is also a member of the LA based band Séance, whom you can stream on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Avalon Greenberg Call

Avalon Greenberg Call (BFA2) is a multidisciplinary artist, entertainer, and part time pixie. She is thrilled and grateful to be taking part in her debut at CalArts. Avalon has always used art as a conduit of expression, rehabilitation, and education. At a very early age, she began on the stage and found a great passion for storytelling. Avalon performed with local theatre companies in San Diego, from North Coast Rep to The Old Globe Theatre. Some of her previous roles include Ruth in the debut of Light Falling Down, Whitney in A Piece of my Heart, and Helena in A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Katherine Paez Froehlich

Katherine Paez Froehlich (MFA 1) has also served as Assistant Production Manager for the 2021 CalArts School of Theater Festival. Katherine has previously worked at Universal Creative, Universal Studios Hollywood – Entertainment Production, the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and City Theatre, to name a few. Katherine would like to thank her partner, her parents, and her Rainbow Room for all the love and support.

Olivia Fogel

Olivia Fogel (BFA2) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Dairys Escoto

Dairys Escoto (MFA2) is an animator and illustrator based in Atlanta and Los Angeles. She has a BFA in Film/Video/Animation from Rhode Island School of Design. She focuses on mixed media stop motion animation and 2D animation, with a love for installation. She’s worked with animation studio Mighty Oak to produce feature film animation, and has produced and won awards for her films. She is currently working on her stop motion thesis film at CalArts.

Emma Armstrong-Muntner

Emma Armstrong-Muntner (BFA3) is a current student graduating in 2022 with a focus in Costume Design. As a young child, she was constantly drawn to fashion and clothing displayed in movies, museums, and everyday life. Emma’s interests in Costume Design include film, theater, stop motion, animation, fashion history, and drag.

Joe Zhang

Joe Zhang (MFA2) is an MFA2 student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Logan Xavier

Logan Xavier (BFA4) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Will White

Will White (BFA4) is a graduating BFA. <3

Holly Tobias

Holly Tobias (BFA4) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Marika Rose Sayers

Marika Rose Sayers (BFA3) is an LA based performer originally from Santa Fe, NM. She has worked with the Howard Fine Acting Studio, the Adobe Rose Theater, the Santa Fe Playhouse, and toured across the country in Nap the Play. She most recently appeared in an upcoming feature film coming out at the end of this year. She is SAG-AFTRA, and represented by O Agency. 

Dani Rush

Dani Rush (BFA 3) is from Dallas, TX where she attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts and worked with Dallas Comedy House and C.O.R.P. Theater. She moonlights as a standup and sketch-writer, and is unbelievably grateful to the women of unit f2, and the turtle and cow for always being a positive light.


Carter Prentiss

Carter Prentiss (BFA3) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Steven Moore

Steven Moore (MFA2) is an LA-based actor. He has performed on the stage in several professional musicals, in national and local commercials, and is currently working on several films and TV series in Serbia, where he currently resides with his beautiful and very talented wife. Animal Farm is his first show at CalArts.

Andrew Kopavi Moore

Andrew Kopavi Moore (BFA4) is a performance artist from Altadena, California. He has worked with Mujeres de la Tierra and Amazon/Twitch, has received training from A Noise Within in Pasadena, and will soon graduate from CalArts School of Theater BFA Acting program. He enjoys playing music, going backpacking, and eating burritos.

Devin McLean

Devin McLean (MFA2) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Hera Jung

Hera Jung (BFA3) has been studying Stage Management at CalArts since 2017 and worked as a Theater faculty/assistant in an Autism learning center (Sandol School, Gunsan) in Korea. Her recent participation in CalArts School of Theater productions includes Animal Farm, Caligula, Two Trains Running, CNP’s El Camino Donde Nosotros Lloramos (The Road Where We Weep), and many more.

James Jones

James Jones (BFA3) isn’t based anywhere at all in particular. They’ve worked primarily in productions of a scholastic nature, from poorly performed middle-school musicals to poorly attended performing arts academy plays. At CalArts, they’ve been involved in Oedipus and Caligula. They’re one professional gig was busting kidneys as an outlaw in The Tulane Shakespeare festival’s Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Devin McLean

Devin McLean (MFA2) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Michael Chen

Michael Chen (BFA4) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Jamie Cayer

Jamie Cayer (BFA3) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Zane Burrows

Zane Burrows (BFA3) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Tristan Boesch

Tristan Boesch (BFA4) is a performer from Vancouver, Washington. He has played professionally on the stages of Pasadena Playhouse and Siren Theater. Tristan was previously seen in the CalArts School of Theater production of Oedipus. He has also appeared in numerous award-winning short films. Special thanks to Judy Goff, the CalArts faculty, and especially his father.

Yue Wang

Yue Wang (MFA3) is a producer and production manager for theater, live performance, and immersive experience. Her previous works include Little Red Book, or Plural Body (REDCAT New Original Works Festival 2020) and Mr. Crow (Son of Semele Theater, 2019). CalArts School of Theater productions include Machinal, Top Girls, and The Maids. She’s currently an MFA3 student in Production Management at the CalArts School of Theater.

Nicole Theep

Nicole Theep (MFA1) is a Northern and Southern California based stage manager. She has theater experience from American River College, Fair Oaks Theater Festival, and the University of California, Irvine. She has assistant stage managed Cabaret (American River College) and Shrew! The Musical (Fair Oaks Theater Festival). She has stage managed The Beaux Stratagem (American River College) and The Macbeth Project (University of California, Irvine). Special thanks to aunt Bonnie and uncle Brent.

Daniella Silva

Daniella Silva (BFA3) is a Bay Area-born, LA-based actor. CalArts School of Theater productions include Oedipus and Iphigenia and Other Daughters. Upcoming credits include Third Time Productions’ short film Nightmare in Negligee. Daniella is honored to be part of this project, and immensely grateful for all she has learned from her costars, the crew, her incredible director, and the amazing and enigmatic Marigloria Palma. Special thanks to mom, dad, and profe Anchordoqui.

Myokyung Shon

Myokyung Shon (MFA3) is a set and multimedia designer based in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Seoul. She has an interdisciplinary approach in theater, film, video projection, curatorship, and commercial digital visualization. Her work in theatrical scenic design includes LAURA (2020) and Machinal (2019). Her work in film production design includes Marigloria (2021), Thrall (2020), and Jurassic Punk (2019). She was a video designer and production assistant in a commercial advertisement firm (Production Ave. Ltd., 2016–2018) in Hong Kong. Myokyung is completing an MFA in Scene Design from CalArts and holds a BFA in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong.

Angela Rosado

Angela Rosado (BFA4) is a Chicana multi-disciplinary artist, performer, director, and creator born and raised in Northeast LA. They have recently been featured in CalArts Center for New Performance workshop of Octavio Solís’ new play, Scene With Cranes, as well as Virginia Grise’s performance piece, rasgos asiátiacos. Their CalArts School of Theater productions include Top Girls and The Wolves, as well as touring with the CalArts Festival Fringe to Edinburgh. Gracias a mi mamá, Allen, Paulina, y Priscilla.

Gabriel David Girón Vives

Gabriel David Girón Vives (BFA4) is a Puertorican, Guatemalan trans nonbinary actor, writer, and performer living between LA and Dallas, TX. They have been seen performing onstage at the Winspear Opera House, Kalita Humphreys Theater, Theater Three, Interlochen Center of the Arts, and in numerous workshops and short films in the LA area. CalArts School of Theater productions include Oedipus and Antigone.

Antonia Cruz-Kent

Antonia Cruz-Kent (BFA4) is a bicoastal writer and actor. She is a proud company member of Hero Theatre, where she has been featured in their productions of The Conduct of Life, The Super Sabado Show, and their reading series of The Floating Island Plays. REDCAT projects include Durango 66, and CNP projects include rasgos asiáticos. MFA Writing Candidate at Columbia University SOA, beginning Fall 2021. She’d like to thank her family for always supporting her passions and shenanigans.

Aaron Zucker

Aaron Zucker (BFA2) is a two time Tony Award viewing actor, most recently seen in the soup aisle at Vons. He likes Quentin Tarantino, but not in a weird way. He don’t like no scrubs (a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from him). He was on the cover of Weird magazine (or maybe he wasn’t, but he looks like he could). He does freelance work as a DaBaby look alike. Aaron is also a BFA2 Actor at California Institute of the Arts.

Dorothee Mulumba

Dorothee Mulumba (BFA2) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Rory James Leech

Rory James Leech (BFA 2) is a creative based between Los Angeles and Houston. He is the founding artistic director of Misfit Toys, a collective dedicated to telling epic stories on small scales, launched with The Twenty-Seven Club during the CalArts School of Theater Winter Lab in January 2020. He spent three years as the Lead Creative Producer and Company Associate Director at Rec Room Arts, where he directed premieres of groundbreaking work. He is a graduate of Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and has been honored as an arts activist by The Dramatists Guild of America. For Jemma. 

Chloe Le Lievre

Chloe Le Lievre (BFA2) is an LA and San Francisco based performer, director, and producer. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Acting at California Institute of the Arts.

Zoë Lappin

Zoë Lappin (BFA1) is a queer interdisciplinary artist, writer, and zine maker from Los Angeles, California. Their professional expertise lies in creative project management, having organized numerous amateur theatrical productions, showcases, and community events. They host a weekly radio show on KCIA, maintain a collection of over 700 vinyl records, and can be found loitering at Amoeba Hollywood if they’re not otherwise engaged.

Alexander Hubble

Alexander Hubble (BFA2) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Emma Crawfis

Emma Crawfis (BFA 2) is excited to finally present her work at CalArts. If you missed the one brief production she was in, Miss Sugar, don’t you worry – there’s much more where that came from. Despite the live theater set back, she is still passionately pursuing film, writing, and directing many of her own projects. She hopes you enjoy 20202021. Special thanks to moms and Houston.

Ling Chang

Ling Chang (BFA 2) is a performer based in Taiwan. He has worked with local theater company Butterfly Effect, and toured around Taiwan with them. CalArts School of Theater productions include King Lear and American Teenager. Ling is an expressive and energized person on and off the stage. In fact, some of his classmates have expressed that they can’t live without his sense of humor. Ling has a humble personality which everyone loves. He is also the person writing this bio. Ling is currently working to get his BFA in Acting at CalArts. Special thanks to Andrea LeBlanc and Damian D. Lewis.

Tan Sangmanee (BFA4) is a BFA Experience Design and Production candidate at the California Institute of the Arts from Palm Desert, CA. His interests as a sound designer are diverse and include theater, television, film, exhibit design, and live entertainment. He currently works with Production Resource Group – LA as a Showpay Audio & Video Technician that spans all areas of sound and video within the industry. He has done productions for CalArts, PRG – LA, OC Pacific Amphitheatre, Musical Theater University – Palm Desert, and Coachella Valley Symphony Orchestra. 

Bismark Quintanilla Jr

Bismark Quintanilla Jr (MFA 3) is an LA-based actor. He made his debut on the CalArts stage last Spring in CalArts Center for New Performance’s El Camino Donde Nosotros Lloramos (The Road Where We Weep) where he and his fellow actors collaborated with Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol and traveled to the Festival Internacional de Teatro Universitario in Mexico City. Bismark would like to thank his mentors for their continued support. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Kevin and CC for their grace and patience.

Natalie Nicholas

Natalie Nicholas (MFA1) is a nonbinary, multimedia performance artist living in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Using quirk and playful perversity, Nicholas builds experiences that encourage unrepressed expressivity and divine authenticity.

Grace Leneghan

Grace Leneghan (MFA2) is an interdisciplinary artist based in LA. As an Irish dancer, filmmaker, writer, and actor, Grace uses her bold feminist voice to create multi-dimensional work. Recent theater credits include Cries and Whispers (CalArts Center for New Performance, LA), Stop Kiss (Red Monkey Theater, NYC), Macbeth (Red Monkey Theater, NYC), The Wizard of Galway (Niall O’Leary Irish Dance), Rhinoceros (Red Monkey Theater, NYC), Slip Like Shadows (Thomas H. Kean Theatre), Antigone (Kirby Theater), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Cambridge, UK). Currently pursuing an MFA in Acting, CalArts. She is represented by Rage Talent. 

Shelby Ryan Lee

Shelby Ryan Lee (BFA3) most recently performed in the CalArts School of Theater production Machinal. Special thanks to his family for supporting him.

Tzu-Hsiang Hung

Tzu-Hsiang Hung (MFA3) is an international scenographer and multimedia artist who focuses on the relationship between space, story, and performance. Her work in theater, film, and immersive experiences explores the boundaries between the physical and digital. Tzu-Hsiang’s recent credits include All’s Well That Ends Well (Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio, LA); Romeo and Juliet (Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio, LA); Dada Divas (REDCAT, LA); and Love, Lies, Bleeding (UK Seasonal Film Festival). Tzu-Hsiang holds a BA in Drama and Theater from National Taiwan University and is receiving an MFA in Scenic Design from California Institute of the Arts.

Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez (MFA2) is an LA-based performer. This is his first production at CalArts. He was last seen in his portrayal of Zeus in The Wedding Feast during the Fullerton College Director’s Festival. Currently pursuing an MFA in Acting, CalArts. Special thanks to his friends and family for their support throughout his artistic journey.

Olivia Gentes

Olivia Gentes (BFA4) would like to thank and honor Bart DeLorenzo and Charles Yee for reaffirming Viva’s love for acting this past year. CalArts School of Theater productions include Oedipus. CalArts Film and Video productions include Call Me Annie and Lady of the Flowers. Feature film credits include Doghouse (bodycoolmedia). Love and infinite gratitude to GGGLLL, Annabelle, Z, and Augie. 

House Dow

House Dow (MFA1) is a stage manager, technician, and lighting programmer most recently from Salinas, CA. House has worked on over a dozen virtual shows since March of 2020, primarily with the University of San Francisco’s department of Performing Arts and Social Justice. This is their first show (and semester) at the CalArts School of Theater. Special thanks to Louis F Dow II.

Bradley Cloversettle

Bradley Cloversettle (BFA 4) is an LA-based actor and his cat’s favorite person. He can currently be seen at the Santa Clarita Olive Garden in the role of Bartender/Server. Special thanks to Zoom, and congratulations on such a successful year.

Ducky Anderson

Ducky Anderson (BFA2) is a Stage Management student at the California Institute of the Arts. They have previously stage managed Little Shop of Horrors and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot at Moorpark College. When not stage managing, they also enjoy dabbing in lighting and puppetry.

Charles Yee

Charles Yee (MFA2) is a Filipino-Chinese artist-educator from the Philippines. He is currently a Directing student at the California Institute of the Arts through the Fulbright Graduate Student Program and as an Asian Cultural Council Grantee. As a director, stage designer, and performer, his works have been presented at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila University, the University of the Philippines, and also in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose (BFA 3) is an actor who tries her very best to be a person. She enjoys creating art, reading, watching films with her parents, and spending time with her friends. In 2019 she made her Off-Broadway debut at New York City’s Vineyard Theatre touring with a play spreading awareness about suicide prevention. Other CalArts credits include Molly in Molly’s Dream, and Medusa in The Labyrinth. As with all of her work, she would like to tip her hat to two late friends and fellow artists who took their final curtain call too soon: Rocky Whiteside and Jaedon Bain. Fiona hopes you enjoy the show, and pines for the day we can sit shoulder to shoulder in a theatre together again.

Daniel Newman-Lessler

Daniel Newman-Lessler (MFA1) is a composer, conductor, keyboardist, and singer. He is faculty at Pepperdine University, directs CalArts’ Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, and is Program Administrator and Choral Director of Music Academy of the West’s Sing! program. He was Chorus Master for Santa Barbara Symphony, Interim Director of Choral Activities at UC Santa Barbara, assistant conductor for Grand Opera San Luis Obispo, conducting scholar at Eastern Music Festival, and session conductor for Untwelve Summer Festival. Upcoming premieres of his compositions include pieces written for Tony Arnold, Min Kwon, Isaura Quartet, Argus Quartet, Brightwork Ensemble, 48 Saint Stephen, Collide-O-Scope Ensemble, and Eckerd Concert Choir.

Irene Lee

Irene Lee (MFA2) is a Stage Management student. CalArts School of Theater production credits include CNP’s The George Project, Oedipus, and CNP’s Witkacy/Two-Headed Calf. Before coming to the United States, she also worked as a company manager in Korea, and worked on musicals including The Bodyguard (Asia premiere), Trace U, and Myeong-dong Romance.

Angelina Jian

Angelina Jian (MFA2) is a performing arts producer based in Taiwan, with more than three years of experience in creative producing, marketing, and event execution. Rich experience in areas including music, drama, large-scale arts festivals, pop music concerts, and governmental projects. Currently studying in CalArts School of Theater Producing program.

Perry Goeders

Perry Goeders (MFA3) graduated from Montreat College in North Carolina with a BA in Theater and will graduate from CalArts with an MFA in Acting this Spring. Throughout her time at CalArts, Perry has had the opportunity to work on a production that traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe festival entitled here comes the tide, there goes the girl. Last spring she collaborated on the CNP project El Camino Donde Nosotros Lloramos (The Road Where We Weep) in Mexico City. She is so excited to be a part of this piece and to have worked with such incredible minds. Special thanks so her mom, dad, and brother!

Brenan Dwyer (MFA3) is an actor and writer for stage and screen. Among the many hardships of the year, she has found inspiration working on Obsession with Peng and this team. In addition, she performs improv with Fancy Hobo, makes silly sketches as Melissa & Marisa, is developing several scripts for film and theater and pre-producing a short film. She also leads the CAP theater program at two Los Angeles high schools. CalArts School of Theater productions include King Lear, Uncle Vanya, here comes the tide/there goes the girl (Edinburgh). BA Theater, Occidental College.

Claire Chrzan

Claire Chrzan (MFA1) is excited to celebrate her first production at CalArts. Originally from Chicago, her work has been seen on stage at Goodman Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Court Theatre, A Red Orchid, and Writers Theatre, as well as The Public Theatre in NYC and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In her spare time, Claire is a volunteer facilitator with ABLE ensemble (Artists Breaking Limits and Expectations). 

Lucas Brahme

Lucas Brahme (MFA2) is a multi-disciplinary artist and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. While earning his MFA in Acting at California Institute of the Arts, he also composes music for the Loose Threads Podcast and for the Conspicuous Trenchcoats Podcast. He also sings with his band Norm’s Short Sleeves who will be releasing their next EP in May 2021. Special thanks to the whole creative and production team behind Obsession. They are Lucas’ heroes, and he tries to emulate them every day.

Rachael Benson

Rachael Benson (MFA1) is a LA/Seattle based video artist and performer who applies existential views to her performance of living. Her work has been shown in Seattle at the Local Sightings Northwest Film Festival, the Fred Hutch gallery, the Centennial Lab, the Redline Gallery, and the Lui project space at Cornish College of the Arts. Always seeking more knowledge about human emotion and interaction, existentialism became a topic of interest for Benson. This push towards self-actualization manifested in her 2019 BFA from Cornish College of the Arts, and in pursuing her MFA degree from CalArts in her quest to refine her skills.

Peng Hsu

Peng Hsu (MFA3) is currently a Directing MFA candidate at the California Institute of the Arts. She holds a BA with a double major in History and Theater/Drama, and a playwriting MFA. Her research and artistic interests lie in the intersection of narrative, experimental theater, humor, queer studies, postcolonialism, feminism, acting pedagogy, and animation theories. Her works have been shown at CalArts, Taiwan National Experimental Theater, Taipei Wellspring Theater, and theaters at National Taiwan University.

Victoria Zajac

Victoria Zajac (MFA2) is an LA based actor/director currently pursuing her MFA at CalArts. Victoria previously appeared onstage at the Cleveland Public Theatre as well as the Beck Center for the Arts. Victoria has also worked as both an actor/director for the Toledo-based Glacity Theatre Collective.

Elliot Yokum (MFA3) is a sound designer and composer. CalArts School of Theater productions include Pass: The Musical, Machinal, Black Like Me, Much Ado About Nothing, and Hedda Gabler. They are pursuing their MFA in Sound Design at CalArts and hold a BFA in Music Composition from Carnegie Mellon University.

Bridget Rooney

Bridget Rooney (MFA2) is a Stage Management student. Her selected credits include Little Women: A Digital Workshop, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Fun Home, Into the Woods, and Spring Awakening. CalArts School of Theater production credits include Machinal and Uncle Vanya.

Taizun Partapurwala

Taizun Partapurwala (MFA1) is a student in the Experience Design and Production program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Adam Peltier

Adam Peltier (MFA2) served in the US Army and is a former West Point cadet. The Los Angeles premier of RED SPEEDO was his stage debut and nabbed him a LA Drama Critics Circle nomination for Best Lead Performance in a Play. He is currently pursuing his MFA at CalArts.

Likun Jing

Likun Jing (MFA3) is a Chinese actress based in LA and Beijing. She has worked with California Repertory Theatre Company and Zhejiang Satellite TV. She played Mrs. Linde in Ibsen’s Nora (2017) and Ishikori Dome in Casualties of War (2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival). Her musical credits include Merrily We Roll Along (2014) and Stop the World, I Want to Get Off (2016). Select film & TV credits include Pieces and Bits (2019), First Love (2020), Octopus Playhouse for Zhejiang TV, China (2005), and Music Moves the City of Deer‘ with Inner Mongolian Symphony Orchestra (2018). Thank you for being here and reading so far!

Yuwei Hu (MFA1) is a costume and fashion designer who treats garments as an occupiable space to transform the experience to both the performer and audience. Born in Beijing, residing in Los Angeles and a graduate of Parsons School of Fashion, she is currently pursuing her MFA in Costume Design at CalArts.

Kathleen Fox

Kathleen Fox (MFA3) is an interactive multimedia artist who works in video design for live performance, interactive design, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Her recent projects include Ashes to Ashes & Data to Dust (Creative Director), Don’t Let Me Be Lonely (Projection Artist), unCovered (Video Designer), and King Lear (Video Designer). 

Adzua Ayana Asha Amoa

Adzua Ayana Asha Amoa (MFA3) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Genevieve Fowler

Genevieve Fowler (MFA3) is an LA and Chicago based theater director whose commitment to new plays and radically reimagined classics acts to weave together memories of past, present, and future to create liminal spaces in which our current reality is questioned and sanguine futures dreamed on. MFA, CalArts. BA, Vassar College.

Jack Weiss

Jack Weiss (BFA3) is a Los Angeles-based sound designer with a background in audio post-production, music technology, and creative sound design techniques. He graduated from the Herb Alpert School of Music at Los Angeles City College with an Associate of Arts degree in Music Technology in June of 2020, and is now studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experience Design and Production for Sound Design at California Institute of the Arts. He is excited to be working on his first production in the School of Theater.

Chun-Wei Wang (MFA2) is a Taiwanese set designer & production designer based in Taiwan and the U.S. Chun-Wei has worked with companies in Taiwan including Studio M, Greenray Theatre Company, 69 company. His work has been seen in National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Taiwan), National Theater (Taiwan), National Taichung Theater (Taiwan), Taipei Zhongshan Hall (Taiwan), etc. Selected exhibition design work: Mechanical Souls: Training Session (Taiwan, 2020) and the 2018 Taiwan Yilan Art Maker Festival. BA in Scenic Design, National Taiwan University Department of Drama and Theatre. Special thanks to mom, girlfriend, Yi Liu, and Chia-Yin Hsu.

Madi Thoele

Madi Thoele (BFA3) is an LA-based interdisciplinary artist from Dallas, Texas. Her practice extends through acting, improv, poetry, and movement. She has worked with Dallas Theater Center: Summerstage, Junior Players, and Imprint Theatreworks, as well as with the CalArts Schools of Film/Video, Character Animation, Dance, and Music. She is a member of Fancy Hobo Improv. Writing credits include The Luna Collective’s 14th Issue. She expresses gratitude to everyone involved in Bobbie Clearly. Special thanks to her family, teachers, mentors, and friends for believing in her always. RIP Uncle Vanya!

Jordie Marie Rippon

Jordie Marie Rippon (MFA2) is currently studying Stage Management and Puppetry. Some of her past puppetry work includes Millersville University’s production of Pippin and The Creative Works of Lancaster’s production of The Star Wars Socka. She had the pleasure of working as the puppet designer and puppet builder for both of these productions.

Mary Pumper (MFA3) is an LA-based actor and writer. Theatrically, she has worked with PURE Theatre, WhatIf? Productions, and Threshold Repertory. Her film work has screened at various festivals around the world and her screenplay, The Ex-press, is currently in development. BA Theatre Performance, College of Charleston.

Cian Pickron

Cian Pickron (BFA2) is a Stage Management student. He is extremely excited for everyone to experience this festival. This is his first time working as an APS and managing a festival. He has learned so much and is ready to implement it all in his practice. He would like to thank everyone for coming to see these projects and hopes you have a great time!

Olivia Michael

Olivia Michael (BFA 3) is an LA-based performer originally from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. She has worked professionally with the Interlochen Shakespeare Festival, Acadia Repertory Theatre, and Ensemble Stage. Previous CalArts School of Theater production credits include The Labyrinth (The Speakeasy Society). Olivia attended the North Carolina Governor’s School for Theatre in 2017 and graduated from the Theater Performance program at Interlochen Arts Academy in 2018. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Acting at CalArts. Olivia would like to thank her parents, Amy and Kurt, and her friends.

Konstantinos Manesiotis

Konstantinos Manesiotis (BFA4) is a performer based in Los Angeles. He’s honored to be a part of this production. He sends love to his family and friends.

Madison Lynch

Madison Lynch (BFA4) is a dancer, choreographer, designer, and philanthropist out of both New York and Los Angeles. Madison has worked with renowned choreographers such as Anthony Morigerato, Cartier Williams, Peter Chu, Stacey Tookey, Nina Flagg, Spenser Theberge, Jermaine Spivey, and so many more! She also is a creator herself, choreographing around the country, and even working on her own clothing brand baMbi. Madison recently won Miss Dance of the United States and has been seen on TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance. Last but certainly not least, Madison is a philanthropist working with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and is the creator of #dancersforsuicideprevention.

Rafael A. López

Rafael A. López (BFA2) is a Swiss-Latino visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Edwin Livingston

Edwin Livingston (MFA2) is an LA-based multi instrumentalist. He tours and performs throughout the US and abroad and has amassed a lengthy resume. He has performed with Natalie Cole, Josh Groban, Melody Gardot, Mary Chapin Carpenter, NBC Live Jesus Christ Superstar with John Legend & Sara Bereilles, Jovanotti, Vince Mendoza, Ben Vereen, The Benjamin Wright Orchestra, Justin Timberlake, and many more. He has performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Disney Hall, Lincoln Center, Joe’s Pub, City Winery, and many well known venues. Thanks to the great squad at Bobbie Clearly, Josh S., the actors, visual artists, production team etc. Amazing work all around!

Alejandra Jaime

Alejandra Jaime (MFA2) is an LA-based actress, originally from TX, and is excited to be making her debut at the CalArts School of Theater. Previous theatre credits include Nora in A Doll’s House (The Main), Emilia in Othello (Zarsky Studio), and Lily Liverspot in No Opera at the Op’ry (Zarsky Studio). Commercial credits include Teremana Blanco Tequila. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Anibal, Devin, and Aaron for being so quiet while I filmed my scenes! Y’all helped make it happen!

Marissa Leticia Jacobo-Correa

Marissa Leticia Jacobo-Correa (MFA2) is an LA-based stage manager. She has worked with CalArts Center for New Performance for the production of El Camino Donde Nosotros Lloramos (The Road Where We Weep). CalArts School of Theater production credits include Machinal and Caligula. Before attending CalArts, Marissa worked with Notre Dame de Namur University’s School of Theatre and San Francisco Playhouse. She is currently working towards an MFA in Stage Management at CalArts and has received a BFA in English and Theatre from Notre Dame de Namur University.

Brooke Harbaugh

Brooke Harbaugh (MFA2) is a theater artist and filmmaker pursuing a MFA in Producing at CalArts. She has a background in directing, sound design, video editing, and writing for film and animation. Before CalArts, she was the Administrative Coordinator for the Division of Fine and Performing Arts at Marymount Manhattan College. She is a Fulbright alumna and has a BA in English from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Gondré the Wordsmith

Gondré the Wordsmith (MFA3) is a student in the Acting program in the CalArts School of Theater.

Harry Golby

Harry Golby (BFA3) is a British-born, Qatar-bred, and LA-based Actor. He is incredibly thrilled to be taking part in this CalArts School of Theater production. Harry’s work has previously been seen at the Qatar National Convention Center and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as in a number of CalArts productions. He is proud to be involved in a production of this caliber with such a wonderful cast and crew. Keep your eyes out for more on-camera work coming from him soon! He would also like to express his eternal gratitude and love to Mum, Dad, Izzie, and Madi.

Brian Drummy

Brian Drummy (MFA3) is a nerd from Orange, California. CalArts School of Theater productions include King Lear and Here Comes the Tide…, which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. Professional credits include national tours of Damn Yankees and Man of La Mancha, and the international tour of My Fair Lady. BFA- Chapman University. HS- Orange County School of the Arts.

Tanvi Desai

Tanvi Desai (BFA4) is a student in the Experience Design and Production program at the California Institute of the Arts.

ry burke (MFA3) is a queer lighting designer who explore space/time through light/color, in collaboration in order to enact positive change through storytelling. They have a BA in Theater from Reed College, and was a Juilliard Electrics Apprentice. They are a co-founder and resident narrator for Theater of the Well-Dressed, a theater company that specializes in enacting queer utopia by re-telling classic fairytales. Previous design work includes R&D (Brouhaha Theater Project), Room for Cream Season 4 (Theater of the Two-Headed Calf), and These Violent Delights (Reed College). They are currently an MFA3 Lighting Design candidate at CalArts.

David Blindauer

David Blindauer (BFA4) is an actor in training at CalArts. He grew up in Chicago studying acting at Second City, Piven Theatre, and Northlight Theatre. David’s work has been seen professionally at the Bootleg Theatre. CalArts School of Theater productions include Machinal, Antigone, Much Ado About Nothing, and Incorporeality. He would like to thank his friends, family, and CalArts faculty for their support.

Hasti Bakian (BFA3) is thrilled to be playing Megan in Bobbie Clearly! Previous works at CalArts include Machinal, The Labyrinth, and the CNP workshop Blood of Souls! Her professional debuts were seen at the Edinburgh and Hollywood Fringe festivals where she played Linda in Fight Song. Hasti hopes you enjoy the show!

Natalie Ferguson

Natalie Ferguson (MFA2)  is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist whose practice includes set design, installation, sculpture, and puppetry, taking inspiration from her community art experience and love of collaboration. She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Scene Design at CalArts.

Jared Tyrel Pixler

Jared Tyrel Pixler (MFA3) is a creative producer, director, and writer. He is the Lead Creative producer of MB Stage Productions where he helped to create and produce the award-winning shows The Video Games (regional, tour, and Off-Broadway), Winter is Coming: A Musical Parody, and The Study. He holds a BFA in Musical Theater and is an MFA Producing candidate at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). His current projects include Tabletop, A New Musical by Chad Sundman and Race Benagalio; Catching Fire Flower‘ the sequel to The Video Games, an interactive play; and To Remember a Friend, a virtual reality video game for the Oculus Quest 2. He has produced coast to coast in the US and has a special affinity for nerd and geek theater.

Yameng Deng

Yameng Deng (MFA1) is producer/playwright/actor/film journalist from China. As a feminist artist, Yameng dive deep into different styles as well as paying special attention to the female perspective under social issues and focus. Based on the experience of working in Beijing. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Producing at CalArts.

Noah Hernandez

Noah Hernandez (BFA3) is proud to debut his work at the CalArts School of Theater Festival. Noah previously worked as a scenic designer for The Labyrinth, an immersive theater show developed for the Walt Disney Modular Theater. Noah is grateful for the opportunity to work with other talented minds. He gives kudos to all his friends and family for their love and support.

Leslie Crapster-Pregont (MFA3) is an LA-based lighting designer and visual artist who explores human perception and social behavior through light. Drawing on her experiences being raised in northern Wisconsin, attending high school on a 1,200 acre plot of wilderness on the border of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, teaching in rural China, and working on Wall Street, Leslie creates work that uses light as the medium to influence humans’ perception of their context. Leslie received a BA in Neuroscience and Chinese from Middlebury College in 2012, and is currently an MFA Candidate in Lighting Design at California Institute of the Arts, graduating May 2021.

Andrew Carey

Andrew Carey (MFA2) is thrilled to share this work with the CalArts community! He holds a BA in Theatre from Muhlenberg College and has designed 17 productions that encompass circus, dance, and theatre. His CalArts School of Theater credits included scenic artist for Antigone and Through the Leaves. He is working towards a career in the themed entertainment industry. Special thanks to everyone who supported Beyond the Veil and pushed the team to think out of the box!

Violet Smith (MFA1) is the creator of the Glass project. Her previous work has ranged from theatrical (Lookingglass Theatre Company, Red Orchid, The Great River Shakespeare Festival) to installation (Chicago Scenic Studios) to event work (NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, FFA National Convention, ASAE ft John Legend). She’s spent the past year working in virtual reality lighting design (To Remember A Friend). She is interested in mixed media art and her next cup of coffee. Find her work at

Juan Ayala

Juan Ayala (BFA4) is a Venezuelan actor and mover. He has worked with The Speakeasy Society, Horsechick Productions, Mujeres de La Tierra, and the CalArts School of Dance. Some shows he has worked on have been Incorpo Reality (Immersive Theatre), Mr. Crow (Son of Semele Festival), and Telenovelas in the Park (Online Show). As for film, he has been in The Film (Hollywood Screenings Film Festival), and King Charles (Amazon Prime). He loves to move and dance! So he was involved with HIKARI (SoD) and a dance film that will be released soon enough. Stay tuned! He would like to thank his “hermosa familia” for always inspiring and encouraging him to do his best.

Ly Eisenstein (BFA4) is a queer, gender-nonconforming artist who splits their time between Los Angeles and New York. Ly is a soon-to-be CalArts graduate with a dual degree in Lighting Design and Integrated Media and a minor in Digital Art. They work in many different mediums including light, video, and projection, and combine these to create thoughtful, immersive installations and shows.

Jake Siekman (MFA3) is a technical director who loves to bring designs to life. While at CalArts he has served as the technical director for King Lear, (Un)Covered, and Uncle Vanya, and the assistant technical director for Black Like Me. Earlier this year he had the honor of working as the draftsperson for the United States Presidential Inauguration.

Loren Weldon

Loren Weldon (MFA1) is a costume designer based in Los Angeles, CA. She takes inspiration from visual, tactile, and auditory art mediums to create her designs. She will be making her CalArts School of Theater  debut with work in Pelléas et Mélisande as well as Beyond the Veil. Loren is a candidate for an MFA in Costume Design at California Institute of the Arts – 2023.

Cheyenne Knehans

Cheyenne Knehans (MFA2) is delighted to present artwork to the CalArts Community. Knehans is a freelance illustrator and visual developer. She holds BAs in Studio Arts and Theatre Arts from Hastings College and was the Scenic Charge for Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT prior to CalArts. Her CalArts School of Theater credits include King Lear, Machinal, and Uncle Vanya. Cheyenne would like to thank her large support system of family and friends. Also, a special thanks to her internet connection and computer fans for working so hard during all the Zoom calls.

Fallon Williams

Fallon Williams (MFA3) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who works with space, light, projection, and technology for live performance, architecture and immersive environment, film, and visual art. Fallon’s recent credits include Ubu Roi, featured in the Common Design Project exhibition at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial; Oedipus (Walt Disney Modular Theater); and For All Time (music video). Special thanks to God, her family and friends, and her collaborators.

Maddi Mays

Maddi Mays (BFA4) is an artist, designer, and illustrator with a knack for detail and storytelling. She works in a multitude of mediums including visual art, live theater, and film. She has worked on projects like For All Time (music video), Pieces and Bits (short film) and CalArts School of Theater productions including Top Girls, Caligula, The Maids, and Two Trains Running.

Christian V. Mejia

Christian V. Mejia (MFA3) is a California based lighting designer and digital artist who works in theater, architecture, and immersive entertainment. Telling stories through dynamic, engaging, and emotionally-driven environments is central to his artistic practice. He is an MFA candidate in Lighting Design at CalArts.

Garrett Cebollero

Garrett Cebollero (BFA 3) is excited to show work from an exciting project with an amazing team. Garrett previously has worked as a Scenic/Experience designer on The Labyrinth as well as Halloween 2019/20 at CalArts. Garrett has also had the opportunity to work as a designer with the LA-based immersive theater company The Speakeasy Society. Special thanks to this amazing team, friends, and mentors.

Krystal Gem

Krystal Gem (MFA2) has performed opera and soul in Florence, ITL, Carnegie Hall, throughout the Southeast and East Coasts, and is currently embracing the world of acting at CalArts. She has composed for the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, scored independent films, and collaborated with brands that align with her personal conviction of uplifting Magical Black Girls through the conduit of visual and performing arts expression. Acting credits include Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Rita in Ibsen’s Little Eyolf, and Venus in Suzan Lori-Parks’ Venus. Krystal Gem hails from the birthplace of America’s music: Jackson, MS. She loves Lucky Charms, Image comics, and all things Sailor Moon. Her debut album For All Time is available on all streaming services.

Megan Parish

Megan Parish (MFA2) is delighted to have the opportunity to present work for CalArts this year. Her CalArts School of Theater credits include scenic artist for King Lear and Caligula. Megan has worked professionally as a freelance scenic artist in the themed entertainment industry for over seven years, including special event productions at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Knott’s Berry Farm. As a graduating student of CalArts, Megan would like to thank her mentors for their encouragement, her wonderful team for all their hard work, and her family for supporting her dreams.