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Developed By
The Company
Directed By
Zoe Aja Moore
Ensemble Theater I - E407
Based on the same transcripts from the Salem Witch Trials that inspired Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, daughter is an attempt to uncover the complexity of storytelling and undo the perception of female sexuality as villain. Set in a courtroom, the action begins with the discovery of the historical transcripts. As the actors embody the text and reenact the trials, they enter a feverish state in which they find power and reclamation.


Elizabeth Proctor: Madeleine Barnette

Abigail Hobbs: James Jones

Mary Warren: Grace Leneghan

Mercy Lewis: Marika Rose Sayers

Mary Walcott: Daniella Silva

Abigail Williams: Paige VanConant


Creative Team

Director: Zoe Aja Moore

Scenic Designer: Chun-Wei Wang

Lighting Designer: Cad Apostol

Costume Designer: Nishtha Tyagi

Video Designer: Zoë Lappin

Video Designer: Grace Hlavack

Sound Designer: Bryan Pivaral

Assistant Scenic Designer: Jalen Colbert

Assistant Lighting Designer: Stephanie Lutz

Assistant Costume Designer: Qingwen Cao

Technical Director: Owen Reese

Assistant Technical Director: Kenzie Caulfield

Lighting Master Electrician: Evan Brownell

Graphic Designer: Shiqi Cao


Production Manager: Chris Swetcky

Stage Manager: Lanae Wilks

Producer: Gefei Liu

Assistant Stage Manager: Macy E Kunke

Assistant Stage Manager: Liz Zaragoza

Associate Production Supervisor: Helen Jiahui Guo

Company Stage Manager: Jordie Marie Rippon

Assistant Company Stage Manager: Cassy Sottile