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The Fig and The Wasp

Written by
Samantha Behr
Directed by
Josh Sobel
CalArts Walt Disney Modular Theater (MOD)
The Fig and The Wasp
How do you fight hopelessness? A senator from a well-known political family, Rosaura Flagg promotes stability to her fellow citizens, even as the country is crumbling. As a mysterious disease starts to spread, her daughter lies in a hospital room in a coma-like sleep. The Fig and The Wasp explores the destruction caused by isolation and the power of care and connection, against the backdrop of a world on fire.

Rosaura Flagg: Ishika Muchhal
George: Victoria Zajac
Cara Flagg: Fiona Rose
Harla Monroe: Avalon Greenberg Call
Darwin Flagg & Pres. Curlew: Jeremy Spektor

Ensemble: Jamie Cayer, Heather Friedman, Willington Liu, Ronaldo Medina, Olivia Michael

Creative Team
Scenic Designer: Yuki Ding
Lighting Designer: Violet Smith
Costume Designer: Lena Sands
Video Designer: Nat Nicholas
Sound Designer: Steven Cobilich
Co-Sound Designer: CM Nemanich
Composer: Sam Wells
Choreographer: Livya Howard-Yashar
Co-Technical Director: Karim Abuabara
Co-Technical Director: Sam DuBois
Graphic Designer: Jen Dorman
Assistant Director: Harry Golby
Assistant Scenic Designer: Jane Hamor
Assistant Scenic Designer: Yueyi Zhang
Assistant Lighting Designer: Cad Apostol
Assistant Lighting Designer: Stephanie Lutz
Assistant Costume Designer: Yi-Lun Chien
Assistant Costume Designer: Danica Martino
Assistant Video Designer: Ghazal Bazargan
Assistant Video Designer: Zoe Lappin
Assistant Sound Designer: CM Nemanich
Production Manager: Chris Swetcky
Stage Manager: Jordie Marie Rippon
Producer: Angelina Jian
Assistant Stage Manager: Cassy Sottile
Assistant Stage Manager: Nicole Theep
Associate Production Supervisor: Katherine Paez Froehlich