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When Five Years Pass

Federico García Lorca
Translated by
Gywnne Edwards
Directed by
Kalean Ung
Butler Building 2
When Five Years Pass
Experimental, highly-symbolized, and surrealistic, When Five Years Pass begins with a seemingly real scene of a young man sharing his troubled love story. It quickly progresses into a series of chaotic dream fragments: a dead child, a gender mysterious cat, a mannequin longing for motherhood. These are poetically woven together in Lorca's exploration of sexuality, desire, death, and frustration under the restrictions of the patriarchal world.

Child/Clown: Atlas Alma
Maid: Rachel Edelstein
Friend/Football Player: Grant Garcia
Cat/Girl: Bella Glaser
Harlequin: Olivia Harper-Moser
Mankin/1st Card Player: Shireen Heidari
Servant/Father: Steele Howell
Old Man: Sanghun Kim
Young Man: Elie Korio
Secretary: Maia Larom
2nd Friend/2nd Card Player: Peter Leith
Girlfriend: Jordyn Ryan
Mask/3rd Card Player: Skylar Shen

Creative Team 
Scenic Designer: Mark Kanieff
Composer/Sound Designer: Kevin Madison
Lighting Designer: Alejandro Melendez
Costume Designer: Anna Vyshnyakova
Assistant Scenic Designer: Maci Johnson
Assistant Sound Designer: Bryan Pivaral
Assistant Lighting Designer: Evan Brownell
Assistant Costume Designer: Lia Tsur
Associate Composer: Maia Larom
Graphic Designer: Chengcheng Hang

Production Manager: Chris Swetcky
Stage Manager: Rebecca K. Hsia-Palma
Producer: Yameng Deng
Producer: Gefei Liu
Assistant Stage Manager: Cian Pickron
Associate Production Manager: Percent Han
Cover Stage Manager: Sami Hansen