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Beyond the Veil
Performance Schedule
Explore this content on the artist’s site, and join us via Zoom for a conversation with the artists.
Available on-demand for the duration of the Festival.
May 7, 2021 5:30 pm PDT | Conversation with the Artists
Run time: 30 minutes

Beyond the Veil is the conceptual design of an Impossible Project in which you are invited on board the “inaugural run” of the Lavender Empress for a two night, two-and-a-half-day train trip. Guests are transported to the 1890s, where you will be invited to take part in a séance that reveals the train is haunted by the spirit of Ada Post. Uncover the circumstances behind her death by discovering clues hidden in escape-room style puzzles. Will you expose the dark secrets hiding among the cars of The Lavender Empress, or will Ada be trapped aboard forever?

Creative Team

Andrew Carey, Creative Director
Megan Parish, Production Designer
Cheyenne Knehans, Art Director
Loren Weldon, Costume Designer
Noah Hernandez, Show Designer
Garrett Cebollero, Story Designer