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CalArts School of Theater offers students an educational experience that is experimental, interdisciplinary, international, and diverse. Each unique Program gives students the flexibility, skills, and critical thinking tools to navigate a rapidly changing field and to pursue their professional goals with maximum agency.

Our educational mission is to forge a community of citizen artists who are rigorously trained in their respective métiers and who are able to work effectively and innovatively across a broad spectrum of artistic settings, media, and technologies.

Faculty and Staff

Travis Preston, Dean; Head of Directing; CNP Executive Artistic Director

Danielle Agami, Movement

Christopher Akerlind, Lighting Design

Camilo Alvarez, Technical Direction

Cristian Amigo, Sound Design

Mecca Andrews, Movement

Shaurja Banerjee, Technical Direction

Christopher Barreca, Head of Scene Design

Grayson Basina, Production and Studio Associate, Master Carpenter

Camille Benda, Head of Costume Design

José Luis Blondet, Theater History

Brittney Brady, Assistant Director of Admissions 

Marissa Chibas, Acting; CNP Director of Duende CalArts; CNP Producing Artist

Julanne Chidi Hill, Speech

Monty Cole, Theater History

Michael Darling, Head of Technical Direction

Jessica De Lima-Moran, Movement

Bart DeLorenzo, Showcase

Kate DeWall, Master Electrician

Julianne Figueroa-Castro, Stage Management

Peter Flaherty, Head of Interactive Media for Performance

Estela Garcia, Movement

Westley Garcia-Encines, Director of Operations

Janie Geiser, Directing; Object Performance

ML Gemmill, Voiceover

Jenifer Gilbert, Experience Design and Production

Jon Gottlieb, Sound Design

David Harris, Voice

Asher Hartman, Theater History

Mona Heinze, Dramaturgy

Justin Hogan, Film Production

Roger Holzberg, Experience Design 

Nikki Hyde, Stage Management

Laurel Irene, Voice

Lars Jan, Acting

Mirjana Jokovic, Director of Performance; Head of MFA Acting

Daniel Alexander Jones, Theater History; CNP Producing Artist

Tane Kawasaki, Acting

Donovan Keith, Experience Design and Production

Lewis Klahr, Directing; Screenwriting; Film

Lillie Kroll, Budget Analyst/Accounting Specialist

Amber Larosa, Experience Design and Production

Andrea LeBlanc, Associate Dean; Co-Head of BFA Acting

Damian D. Lewis, Co-Head of BFA Acting; Voice/Speech

Rafael Lopez-Barrantes, Voice 

Carlo Maghirang, Experience Design and Production

Babette Markus, Movement

Ellen McCartney, Director of Experience Design and Production

Jason McManus, Experience Design 

Charles McNulty, Dramaturgy

Anne Militello, Head of Lighting Design

Richard Molina, Experience Design and Production

Anthony Nikolchev, Movement

Daniel Passer, Acting; Associate Director of Performance 

Jane Pickett, Writing for Performance

Carl Hancock Rux, Writing for Performance

Hilario Saavedra, Acting

Victor Sandoval, Costume Shop Director

Rachel Scandling, Producing; CNP Producing Director

Heidi Scheller, Voice

Shannon Scrofano, Associate Director of Experience Design and Production

Evelyn Serrano, Theater History

Amanda Shank, Associate Dean; Theater History; CNP Associate Artistic Director

Bree Sherry, Stage Management

Kristin Showalter, Applied Arts

Adam J. Smith, Director of Financial Aid; Performance Program Coordinator; Voice

Patrick Smith, Production Associate 

Toni Smith, Speech

Susanne Sulby, Speech

Chris Swetcky, Production Manager

Jeff Teeter, Experience Design and Production

Judith Teitelman, Entrepreneurship

Robert Tokarz, Applied Arts

Paul Turbiak, Communications Manager/Executive Assistant to the Dean; CNP Director of Communications

Kalean Ung, Voice

Bernie Van De Yacht, Voiceover

Shay Wafer, Producing

Hunter Wells, Associate Costume Shop Manager

Kathleen Wilhoite, Acting

Terry Wolverton, Entrepreneurship

Chi-wang Yang, Acting; CNP Associate Artistic Director

Julianne Zajac, Applied Arts

Morgan Zupanski, Stage Management