Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I can’t see the livestream?
Try refreshing the page! It may need a little nudge. On Windows — Press Ctrl + F5 . If that doesn’t work, hold down Ctrl and click the “Refresh” icon. On Mac — Press ⌘ Command + ⇧ Shift + R.

How do I get tech help?
Please email if you are encountering any technical issues with the website. We will respond accordingly!

What do XDP, MFA, and Performance Series mean?
Students are developing projects in various areas of the School of Theater. “Experience Design and Production (XDP)” represents many of our designer- or producer-led projects. “MFA” represents projects directed by our second and third year MFA Directing students. “Performance Series” represents projects directed by guest or faculty directors.

When are the performances?
All performance dates/times can be found on the calendar, as well as individual project pages.

How do I watch the performances?
All performances can be viewed on each individual project page. There will be an embedded video player when the show goes ‘live’ and when a show is on-demand (available at any time to watch).

What are the types of performances?
Performances are presented in a variety of forms! Episodic films, live readings, radio plays, and live performances with filmed content. 

Are projects going to be available for viewing after the festival?
Projects will only be available for viewing through Friday, May 14.

How do I use the “chat” function?
Once you have logged in with email and password, you are welcome to chat publicly in the “lobby” space – or homepage – of the website.

Are there any accessibility assistance tools to help me experience the festival?
Absolutely! All performances will have closed captions in English; there will be audio descriptions for shows that have long periods of performance without speaking; Zoom conversations and presentations will be accompanied by an ASL interpreter; transcription will be available for audio works. For more information about accessibility, please email

How do I adjust volume and captioning settings on the videos?
To manage volume and English captioning, hover cursor and click on the speaker or subtitles button in the lower right corner of the video player.

If I’m super excited by the work I saw, will I be able to contact the creator/team?
We’d be delighted to put you in touch! Please email

How do I get my “tickets”?
Beginning April 30, simply click on “RSVP” on the individual project page. This selection will then populate in your “My RSVPs” list once you have signed in. We recommend also adding a performance to your calendar for easy reminders!

Is this Festival free of charge?
Yes, indeed!

Who do I contact if I want to make a donation?
Thank you for your interest! Please email

How will I be reminded about upcoming performances?
Please select “add to calendar” to add the performance to your calendar and generate an auto-reminder! CalArts School of Theater will also send daily emails throughout the run of the Festival for information about which projects will be presented that afternoon and evening. 

Is it possible to participate in the chat anonymously? 
No, all chat activity will be public and is monitored. 

Will chats be moderated?
Yes, chats are monitored by the School of Theater.

Do I have to sign up for an account to RSVP?
Yes, you are required to sign up for an account to RSVP and to view select performances. 

Can I view content or performances without RSVP?
Select projects require an RSVP, including Bobbie Clearly, Animal Farm, Sacrifices of the Night and Cries and Whispers.

Why should I RSVP?
Select projects require an RSVP. Plus, the RSVP function allows you to create a “My RSVPs” list to track the shows you are interested in!

How can I reset my password for the festival website?
Please follow instructions on login window. If you are still encountering issues, please email

Can only people with a CalArts email address sign up for an account?
Any individual with an email address can sign up! CalArts email address not required.