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Etta and Ella on the Upper West Side

Written by
Adrienne Kennedy
Directed by
Monty Cole
Etta and Ella on the Upper West Side

One of the American theater’s seminal writers, Adrienne Kennedy captures the Black experience in America in the 20th century with a trademark embrace of symbolism, lyricism, and mythic figures. In this world premiere production, Etta and Ella Harrison are talented academics on the Upper West Side – as well as sisters and rivals. After a lifetime of competition, they are on the verge of destroying each other. Next-generation director Monty Cole employs a cinematic approach to this intricate blend of monologue, dialogue, voiceover, and prose in a work that is part experimental play, part narrative thriller.

Creative Team

Tori Danner, Ella
Sarahjeen François, Etta
Wesley T. Jones, Troupe
Maleke Clemmons, Music

Adrienne Kennedy, Writer
Monty Cole, Director
Yuki Ding, Scenic Designer
Claire Chrzan, Lighting Designer
Clare Marie Nemanich, Sound Designer
Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh, Video Designer
Akina Van De Velde, Cinematographer
Loren Weldon, Costume Designer
Edward Monaghan, Fight Choreographer
Mecca Andrews, Choreographer

Rui M. Xu, Producer
Chris Swetcky, Production Manager
Maria V. Oliveira, Stage Manager
Rachel Scandling, Associate Producer
Ella Fornof, Assistant Light Designer
Violet Smith, Lighting Programmer
Eliot Burk, Assistant Sound Designer
Wei-Fang Chang, Assistant Video Designer
Bailey Johnson, Assistant Costume Designer
Katherine Paez Froehlich, Assistant Production Manager
Winky Kim, Assistant Stage Manager
Rebecca K. Hsia, Assistant Stage Manager, Fight Captain
Meng-Hang Shih, Percussionist
Victor Sandoval-Torres, Costume Shop Director
Kate DeWall, Master Electrician
Patrick Smith, Props Master
Jenica Anderson, Production Associate: Head of Sound and Video
Arman Memarzadeh, CalArts Prop Run Crew
Danielle Pope, CalArts Prop Run Crew
Porter Jacob Lawrence, CalArts Lights Run Crew
Milo Wakefield, CalArts Sound Run Crew

Dionne M. Robinson, Understudy (Etta/Ella)
Chisom Diana Dimiri, Understudy (Etta/Ella)
E. E. Williams, Understudy (Troupe)

Additional Film Team:
Jingchen Zhao, Assistant Director
Zoe Lappin, Videographer
Xiaoke Zhang, Assistant Production Designer
Qi  Liu, Assistant Production Designer
Karen Ayala, Assistant Costume Designer
Angeline Gutierrez, Makeup Artist
Extras: Freddie Carodine, Christopher Martin, Shyteek McLeod, Danielle Pope, Marie Sadd