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Island of Servants

Written by
Pierre de Marivaux
Translated by
Neil Bartlett
Directed by
Christopher Akerlind
Ensemble Theater II - E400
Island of Servants
In a comedic romp set in 1725 and beyond, four characters from the Paris(ienne) bourgeoisie find themselves shipwrecked on an island populated by society’s former servants. A world turned upside down, the islanders revel in their freedom of expression through the means of drag and club kid-inspired attire from major queer scenes throughout history. All grapple with the reversal of their social roles, in this celebration of the outrageous and creative.


Iphicrates: Maria Jurado
Harlequin: Alex Hubble
Trivelin: Nina Malinow
Cleanthis: Cordelia Leigh
Euphrosine: Aviana Glover
Islander: Freddy Fu
Islander: Luca Jarosz
Islander: Chang Kyu Lee
Islander: Atlas Molina
Islander: Lily Payne
Islander: Trenton Rothbard
Islander: Jordyn Ryan
Islander: Kimi Sheng
Islander: Sage Michael Stone
Islander: Emma Stuart-Box
Islander: Sam Sutton
Islander: Kenzie Welch
Islander: Elijah Wright


Director: Christopher Akerlind
Scenic Designer: Jennifer (Soyeon) Park
Lighting Designer: Becky King
Sound Designer: Jon Flikkie
Costume Designer: Margot Le Duy
Movement Director: Claire Kilgore
Music Director: Dylan Allen Todd
Technical Director: Gigi Moreno
Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Barasch
Assistant Director: Tatou Dede
Assistant Scenic Designer: Tilda Seo
Master Electrician: Ella Fornof
Assistant Costume Designer: Briana Newson
Assistant Technical Director: Charlie Jacobs
Producer: Vladimir Tuaev
Production Manager: Bill Ballou
Stage Manager: Sami Hansen
Associate Production Supervisor: Clara King
Assistant Stage Manager: Winky Kim
Assistant Stage Manager: Abbs Stoiber