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Museum Obscurum
Performance Schedule
Available on-demand Tuesday, May 11 - Friday, May 14.

The Museum Obscurum is an enigmatic cryptozoological experience project by students at the CalArts School of Theater. This miniature puzzle box is currently being beta tested until pandemic restrictions lift, with a digital preview presented during the School of Theater Festival 2021.

The Museum Obscurum Restoration Affiliation (MORA) invites you to explore the recently refurbished Sasquatch Exhibit. When the exhibit is delivered to you, a museum guide will help you and a party of five get started. Stay tuned for more information by visiting our website:

Creative Team

Danny Baxter, Creative Director and Designer
Owen Reese, Project Manager and Technical Director
James Cox, Designer and Painter
Claire Chrzan, Lighting Designer
Matt Duran, Technical Lighting Designer
Nikki Ochoa, Sound Designer and Writer