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The Amen Corner

Written by
James Baldwin
Directed by
Tyrone Davis
Ensemble Theater I - E407
The Amen Corner
Experience the soul-stirring journey of The Amen Corner, where faith, family, and the intricacies of the human spirit converge. Set in 1950s Harlem, the story follows the magnetic Pastor Margaret Alexander as she navigates the delicate balance between her unwavering religious beliefs and the tumultuous dynamics within her congregation. This captivating narrative tackles themes of racism, poverty, and the profound influence of the church in the lives of Black Americans.


Margaret Alexander: Shelby Alexandra Marcee 

Odessa: Kami Loertscher 

David: Isaiah Schetelick 

Luke: Christopher Martin 

Sister Moore: Dionne M Robinson 

Sister Boxer: Anu Sahar 

Brother Boxer: E.E. Williams 

Sister Rice: Shyteek 

Brother Davis: Elijah Irving 

Ida Jackson: Jahliely Salcedo



Director: Tyrone Davis 

Scenic Designer: Jiayue Zang 

Costume Designer: Jolisa Osborn-Polakoff 

Lighting Designer: Lauren Kennedi O Dixon 

Sound Designer: Murph Elyria 

Asst. Scenic Designer: Sophia Francesca LeBlanc 

Asst. Scenic Designer: Qi Liu 

Asst. Costume Designer: Margot Le Duy 

Asst. Costume Designer: Grace Fredette 

Asst. Lighting Designer: Miles Karraa 

Graphic Designer: Haruka Cheung 

Producer: Alexa Orovitz 

Stage Manager: Mia Condon 

Asst. Stage Manager: Darby Huffaker 

Production Manager: Bill Ballou 

Asst. Production Manager: Clara King 

Associate Production Supervisor: Park Lytle 

Technical Director: Sophia Prothero 

Asst. Technical Director: Gigi Moreno