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The Sea Gull

Written by
Anton Chekhov
Translated by
Jean-Claude van Itallie
Directed by
Zoë (Duoyi) Wang
Ensemble Theater II - E400
In a faraway estate by the lake, a stage is made for a strange new play, created by an aspiring young writer and performed by his muse. You’re invited to watch it along with the writer’s outdated-actress mother and her famous-writer lover, among other humans with troubled artistic pursuits. As the play unravels within a larger play, you will experience the trials and tribulations of being an artist through the romantic entanglements of the characters. A daring reimagining of Chekhov’s timeless masterpiece, this poetic production inhales you into a (dys)utopian atmosphere of realities and illusions.


Nina: Karolina Kwaśniak

Konstantin: Willington Liu

Irina: Erica Malachowski

Trigorin: Michael Lanham

Masha: Justine Faith Camesa

Sorin: Oscar Falcon

Dorn: Lily Rutman

Shamrayev: Clay Hollander

Polina: Madeleine Barnette

Medvedenko: Steele Howell

Yakov: Ling Chang

Creative Team

Director: Zoë (Duoyi) Wang

Scenic Designer: Jane Hamor

Costume Designer: Nishtha Tyagi

Lighting Designer: Jackson Funke

Composer and Sound Designer: Clare Marie Nemanich

Video Designer: Grace Hlavacek

Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Barasch

Technical Director: Ethan Geisness

Sound Engineer: Nick DePinto

Assistant Scenic Designer: Najing Cen

Assistant Costume Designer: Tara Froehlich

Assistant Lighting Designer: Max Okst

Assistant Video Designer: Wei-Fang Chang

Assistant Technical Director: Trevor Desai

Graphic Designer: Luyao Zhang

Producer: Yameng Deng

Associate Production Manager: Katherine Paez Froehlich

Stage Manager: Clara King

Assistant Stage Managers: Winky KimSam Millette