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The Seven Deadly Sins

Composed by
Kurt Weill
Libretto by
Bertolt Brecht
Directed by
Chi-wang Yang
Walt Disney Modular Theater
The Seven Deadly Sins
The last opera collaboration between Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht is a biting satire of capitalism and an absurdist allegory on the immigrant struggle for self-determination. A young woman named Anna (played simultaneously by two performers) sets out from rural Louisiana to find her fortune in the big cities, where she confronts the classical deadly sins of Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Avarice, and Envy. This modern take on the 1933 opera examines the foundations of the American Dream, and if there is anything left of that dream for the rest of us?

Anna 1: Nelle Anderson
Anna 2: Melody Tay Xi Ching
The Family Quartet: Jeremiah John Lamph
The Family Quartet: Ananth Ashok
The Family Quartet: Rio Rasch
The Family Quartet: Michael Lanham
Virtue: Kenzie Welch
Virtue: Jazmine Jendersee
Virtue: Elizabeth Ann Setzer
Virtue: Romy Kim
The People: Kayla Dobbs
The People: Audrey Frechtman
The People: Lilian Payne
The People: E.E. Williams
The People: Olivia Xing
The People: Rachel Goodwin
The People: Natalee Marie Hapaniewski
The People: Isaac James Pendleton

Flute: Josh Hill
Clarinet 1:  Bob Haoyu Wang
Clarinet 2 (flute): Emma-Rose Bauman
Saxophone: Ivan Cunningham
Horn: Sebastian A. Melendez
Trumpet: Cameron Bessicks
Trombone: Levy Barlevy
Piano: Kate Bolonnikova
Percussion: Matej Sloboda
Banjo: Chad Fitzsimmons
Guitar: Adam Barnett
Violin 1: Simone Maura
Violin 2: Violet Battaglia
Viola: Nigel Deane
Cello: Derek Stein
Bass: Peter Hager

Director: Chi-wang Yang
Music Director and Conductor: Nicholas Deyoe
Scenic Designer: Benny Pitt
Lighting Designer: W. Alejandro Melendez
Costume Designer: Raven Skye O’Donnell
Video Designer: James Raymond
Assistant Music Director: Daniel Newman-Lessler
Assistant Lighting Designer: Jackson Funke
Assistant Costume Designer: Niyati Ramachandran
Rehearsal Pianist: Kate Bolonnikova 

Producer: Paul Berkolds, Rui M. Xu
Production Manager: Bill Ballou, Bob Clendenen
Stage Manager: Sami Hansen
Associate Producer: Gefei Liu
Associate Production Manager: Clara King
Assistant Stage Manager: Abbs Stoiber, Cassy Sottile, Kayla Ayler-McCormick