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The Water Station (Mizu no Eki)

Ōta Shōgo
Translated by
Mari Boyd
Directed by 
Héctor Alvarez 
CalArts Walt Disney Modular Theater (MOD)
The Water Station (Mizu no Eki)
The Water Station is a wordless play in the tradition of the Theater of Silence. Against a barren landscape with a heap of shoes in the background, travelers pass by a broken faucet dripping constantly and stop to refresh themselves in various ways. Where are they going? What are they leaving behind? Are they refugees? Victims? Perpetrators? There is no dialogue, and movement is slowed down to present stark images of divestiture, wandering, and bare survival. In the silence, the constant trickle of water (a symbol of life) flows and unites the experience of the play.    


Brent Charles

River Collins

Gary Cook

Emma Crawfis

Oscar Falcon

Alice Tzu-chia Guo

Ava Hase

Hugh Hedley Lewis

Devin Alan McLean

Adam Peltier

Carter Avery Prentiss

Sofia Rahaniotis

Lily Rutman

Jennette Srinivasan

Chacha Tahng

Henry Fulton Winship



Director: Héctor Alvarez

Scenic Designer: Chusu Kim

Assistant Scenic Designer: Benny Pitt 

Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan

Assistant Lighting Designer: Matthew Duran 

Assistant Lighting Designer: Grady Schleuder 

Costume Designer: Yuwei Hu

Assistant Costume Designer: Ashley Snyder 

Assistant Costume Designer: Yi-Lun Chien

Sound Designer: Clare Marie Nemanich 

Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Barasch

Fight Choreographer: Ed Monaghan

Master Electrician: Aaron Wilson

Assistant Master Electrician: Miles Karraa 

Technical Director: Naomi Miyahara 

Assistant Technical Director: Ethan Geisness

Stage Manager: Carina Yuan

Producer: Yameng Deng

Assistant Stage Manager: House Dow

Assistant Stage Manager: Sami Hansen

Associate Production Manager: Katherine Paez Froehlich 

Company Stage Manager: Jordie Marie Rippon

Assistant Company Stage Manager: Cassy Sottile

Associate Production Supervisor: Helen Jiahui Guo