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Wealth and Hellness

Written and Directed by
Luna Izpisua Rodriguez
Butler Building II
Wealth and Hellness
Set in an affluent coastal community, this loose adaptation of The Little Mermaid reflects on Ariel’s cry to be “part of that world” at the cost of buying into the wealth, class, and access that historically pertain to the Southern California coast. Constructed in a style that draws on reality TV, it tells a story of romance, surfing, race cars, and real estate.


Arieli: Tristan Samson

Sluv: Rio Rasch

Mackenzie: Bella Marie Andrew

Joey: Paul Sohm 

Dr. Brittney: Kayla Ayler-McCormick

Erik: Elie Korio

Dave: Kody Nelson 

Chichi: Claudia Dockery

Lacy: Kelli English 

Teddy: Freddy Fu Affambi



Writer/Director/Video Designer: Luna Izpisua Rodriguez

Scenic Designer: Jane Hamor

Lighting Designer: Max Okst 

Sound Designer: Nick DePinto 

Costume Designer: Tara Froehlich 

Video Design Associate and Programmer: Zoë Lappin 

Technical Director: Trevor Desai

Intimacy Coordinator: Emily Barasch

Producer: Elizabeth Price 

Associate Production Supervisor: Elizabeth Price 

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Zaragoza 

Assistant Scenic Designer: Aje Soberekon 

Assistant Lightning Designer: Emma Mcmanus 

Assistant Costume Designer: Starlyn Meyer

Assistant Technical Director: I-Hua Huang

Associate Producer: Fina Zhou 

Assistant Stage Manager: Valery Tinajero 

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Max Kunke 

Deck Captain: Logan Masters 

“Holocene” Dance Choreographer: Brianna Sanchez 

Opening Video: Simone Forti 

Culture Bearer Consultant: Dennis Garcia 

Additional Video Performers: Tate Kim, Nico Nathanson