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Workshop: Augustine Machine

Directed by
Travis Preston
Walt Disney Modular Theater
Travis Preston (Executive Artistic Director, CalArts Center for New Performance) leads an international ensemble from California Institute of the Arts and Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, Paris. Using the history and origins of hysteria as an entrypoint, the ensemble examines the breadth of possibilities of the human body. A visible alphabet of dance, video projection, and collage become tools for physical expression. The company moves through Hysteria, Ecstasy, and Revolt in this metaphorical testament to the collective experience. Developed in the U.S. and France, this thrilling new work features creative contributions from Amanda Shank, Marie Darrieussecq, Tom Gunning, and more. Developed in partnership with Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, Paris.


David Blindauer, Ensemble

Brent Charles, Ensemble

Keila Cone-Uemura, Ensemble

Tori Danner, Ensemble

Chisom Diana Dimiri, Ensemble

Claudia Dockery, Ensemble

Connor Fitzmaurice, Ensemble

Genevieve Fletcher, Ensemble

Zoe Hertzberg, Ensemble

Peter Mark, Ensemble

Ryan Nebreja, Ensemble

Gala Nikolic, Ensemble

Gia Marie Ochsenbein, Ensemble

Jordyn Ryan, Ensemble

Tristan Jeremiah Samson, Ensemble

Julian Sandoval, Ensemble

Emma Stuart-Box, Ensemble

Madi Thoele, Ensemble

Henry Winship, Ensemble

Joe Zhang, Ensemble

Nazariy Aleksandryants, Musician

Ray Kim, Musician

Trevor Newman, Musician

Brody Scott, Musician


Creative Team

Director: Travis Preston

Lead Artist/Dramaturg: Amanda Shank

Production Designer: Christopher Barreca

Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan

Sound Designer: Clare Marie Nemanich

Costume Designer: Hunter Wells

Video Designer: Keith Skretch

Choreographer: Jessica Emmanuel

Asst. Lighting Designer: Jackson Funke

Asst. Video Designer: Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh

Stage Manager: Lanae Wilks

Asst. Stage Manager: Mia Condon