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Roberto Zucco

Written by
Bernard-Marie Koltès
Translated by
Anna G.R. Miller
Directed by
Héctor Alvarez
CalArts Walt Disney Modular Theater (MOD)
Roberto Zucco
Roberto Zucco is a drama of existential revolt, the last text of the great French writer Bernard-Marie Koltès, who died of AIDS shortly after completing the script. The play follows a rebel driven to commit terrible crimes, seemingly without motive, and depicts the social order that creates him. In a series of poetic, fast-moving scenes, Koltès takes his chameleon-like anti-hero on a mythical journey through a landscape of strange and violent beauty.


Roberto Zucco – Ryan Nebreja

Zucco’s Mother/Ensemble – Avalon Greenberg Call

The Young Girl – Keila Cone-Uemura

The Sister – Magdalene Taylor

The Brother – Ben Formella

The Father/Ensemble – Alec Anderson-Carrasco

The Mother/Ensemble – MaryKate Glenn

The Melancholy Inspector/Ensemble – Rory James Leech

The Madame/Ensemble – Josephine Núñez

The Distraught Whore/Ensemble – Gala Nikolić

The Impatient Pimp/Ensemble – Oliver Gifford

The Old Man/Ensemble – Paul Sohm

The Prostitute/Ensemble – Sylka Feliciano

The Elegant Lady/Ensemble – Chloe Le Lievre

The Boy – Sam Sutton

First Prison Guard/Policeman/Ensemble – Sawyer Shine

Second Prison Guard/Policeman/Ensemble – Jack Goldwait



Héctor Alvarez (Director)

Jalen Colbert (Scenic Designer)

Charlie Jacobs (Assistant Scenic Designer)

Zenith Hyden-Soffer (Assistant Scenic Designer)

Ember Streshinsky (Assistant Scenic Designer)

Ashley Kae Snyder (Costume Designer)

Jolisa Osborn Polakoff (Assistant Costume Designer)

Bailey Johnson (Assistant Costume Designer)

W. Alejandro Melendez (Lighting Designer)

Max Okst (Assistant Lighting Designer)

Ying Xin (Sound Designer)

Nick DePinto (Sound Designer)

Drew Sensue Weinstein (Composer/Musician)

Rui Xu (Producing Faculty)

Park Lytle (Producer)

Elizabeth Barron (Producer)

Joyce Qian (Producer)

Vladimir Tuaev (Producer)

Katherine Paez Froehlich (Associate Production Manager)

Lanae Wilks (Stage Manager)

Rebecca K. Hsia (Assistant Stage Manager)

Kellie Hageman (Assistant Stage Manager)

Michael Darling (Technical Director)

Kenzie Caulfield (Assistant Technical Director)

Gigi Moreno (Assistant Technical Director)